Come Fly with Us

rhipe's Come Fly with Us Rewards program is giving Australian partners the chance to attend Microsoft Inspire in style.
Drive your Microsoft cloud subscriptions March – May 2019 for your chance to join rhipe in Las Vegas from 12th -18th July 2019.
Registration is required.

track your azure rebate

Your company has the opportunity to earn rebates for eligible Microsoft 365, O365 and Azure SKUs. Sign up to track your growth!

‘Azure Accelerate’ has begun – get rewarded for driving activation and ongoing Azure revenue with Small, Medium and Corporate (SMC) customers.

Earn cash rebates for increasing your consumption PLUS you will also receive free assessments for database migrations to Azure!

Earn rewards for tenants

Min. consumption per tenant 
(Monthly run rate) 
Rebate per tenant 
Qualify 4+ tenants to receive a bonus 
Rebate payout for 4 qualifying tenants














                                                                                      1. Register your details

                                                                                      2. Add net new Azure tenants before 31st May 2019

                                                                                      3. Sit back and collect the rewards as your tenant/s increase their consumption!


If you already have tenants with rhipe

You will receive free assessments for database migrations to Azure.

PLUS get 25% back on your incremental Azure revenue if you hit your targets over the next 3 months!

Visit the terms and conditions to see the full details.